Atmospheres Explosibles

ATEX, EN, and IEC standards are crucial in ensuring safety in environments with explosive risks. ATEX standards govern equipment and systems in explosive atmospheres, key in sectors like oil, gas, and chemicals. EN standards offer a range of safety and testing guidelines across Europe, while IEC standards focus on electrical and electronic technology safety globally. Together, these standards ensure operational safety, facilitate international trade, and help comply with regulatory requirements in hazardous industries.

Prime Process Safety Center adeptness in incorporating ATEX, EN, and IEC standards distinguishes us in delivering safety solutions that adhere rigorously to international benchmarks.

From comprehensive risk assessments to meticulous equipment design and operation, Prime Process Safety Center guarantees strict adherence to these global standards, fostering secure and compliant atmospheres for our clients.

Applicable ATEX, EN, and IEC Standards

IEC 61340  Electrostatics
IEC 60079 Explosive atmospheres
ATEX Directive EU Guidelines, European Commission, “Explosive atmospheres—Part 10–2: Classification of areas—Explosive dust atmospheres”
ATEX Directive EU Guidelines, European Commission, “Explosive atmospheres – Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure”
EN 1127-1. European Committee for Standardization, “Explosive atmospheres—Explosion prevention and protection—part 1: Basic concepts and methodology”.
EN 13463-1. European Committee for Standardization, “Non-electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, part 1: basic methods.”,
EN 16447:2014 –  Explosion isolation flap valves
IEC 61511 Functional safety – safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector
IEC 80079 Explosive atmospheres – Material characteristics – Combustible dusts test methods
IEC 61069  Industrial-process measurement, control and automation – Evaluation of system properties for the purpose of system assessment
EN 15198 Methodology for the risk assessment of non-electrical equipment and components for intended use in potentially explosive atmospheres
EN 61241 Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust – Part 0: General requirements
IP 15 Area Classification for Installations Handling Flammable Fluids
IEC 60695  Fire hazard testing
EN 15188 Determination of the spontaneous ignition behaviour of dust accumulations
EN 14491 Dust explosion venting protective systems
BSI – BS EN 14994 Gas explosion venting protective systems