reactive chemical service

Prime Process Safety Center offers specialized services for industries handling reactive substances, focusing on minimizing process safety risks. These services help companies prevent accidents, adhere to safety regulations, and safeguard personnel, the environment, and assets. By proactively managing reactive chemical hazards, we promote a culture of safety and reliability, boosting stakeholder confidence and industry reputation.

Prime Process Safety Center offers expert evaluations for chemical reaction hazards, providing services like calorimetry testing, data analysis, reaction and thermokinetic studies, and heat generation rate calculations. We assess industrial reactor heat removal, conduct dynamic simulations of processes including mass and heat transfer, and quantify hazards like overtemperature and overpressure. The Prime Process Safety Center also provides preventive recommendations, uses DIERS technology for emergency vent sizing, and designs relief and effluent handling systems. Our Professional Safety Services provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations to ensure process safety and mitigate risks associated with chemical reactions.

Reactive Chemical
Testing Services

Chemical Compatibility

Process Dynamic


Chemical Reaction
Hazard Assessment


Self-Heating Evaluation
and Analysis

Emergency Relief Effluent
Handling System Design


Kinetics Evaluation

Emergency Relief
System Design